HC Analysis: Hyper Rush

HC Analysis: Hyper Rush

Today's post will open a new category of content: hyper casual game analyses!

We sometimes receive questions like "what is an example of a great hyper casual game?", or "what is the best hyper casual game right now?" Of course these are very hard to answer, and very subjective. As for general principles to follow in order to create a great hyper casual game, you can always refer back to our 1

But from time to time we come across a few nice games, that are worth being shared, and played. Also, this provides a nice opportunity to understand how diferent games work, and new ideas might occur precisely because of it.

Today's game: Hyper Rush!

Hyper Rush - Hyper Casual Game - Apps on Google Play
Roll the ball to the finish line and avoid obstacles. Hyper Ball Rush a new hyper casual game where you control the ball to go through different obstacles and scoring high score. But if you think this is easy game than it not that easy. With different obstacles to go through you will definitely find…

It does not seem like this game is available on iOS yet, so you will need an Android device to check it out.

As it should, the objective here is very simple.

  • Control a little coloured ball by moving it side to side, in order to dodge red obstacles along the way.
  • Complete the level to collect the currency (in this case, gems) you collect during a level.

And that's it! Quite simple, right? This is what makes a nice hyper casual game: very clear and snappy mechanics, and a simple objective to reach.

Of course, difficulty goes up as you progress, so expect levels to get harder as you go! You will need to keep focused and avoid distractions in order not to crash.

Another interesting aspect of this game is its visual aspect. It is very basic and geometric, as so common with other hyper casual games. This serves a few different purposes:

  • makes the overall game easier to make (easier and faster to work with simple geometric objects, instead of other complex and more detailed ones);
  • this geometric feel is very usual with hyper casual games, so potential players can instantly recognise the kind of game from its style;
  • with a few coloured lights and backgrounds, the general feeling of any level can be dramatically changed (eg. green feels like an easy level, and red like a hard one)

There are plenty of good ideas and cues to take from Hyper Rush, so make sure you give it a look and consider if there's some lesson to be applied to your own games ;)

Keep in touch to follow the upcoming analyses of other great hyper casual games, in order to understand exactly what makes them so great. Also, it should go without saying, if there is some game that you would like to be analysed here, make sure to get in touch with the relevant information. We'd be happy to play and discover new games, and at the same time help grow the community worldwide that is creating the next super successful hyper casual mobile games!