YouTuber Alex Choi Faces Federal Charges for Helicopter Fireworks Stunt

YouTuber Alex Choi faces federal charges after a viral video shows fireworks being shot from a helicopter at a Lamborghini. Learn more about the charges and implications.

YouTuber Alex Choi Faces Federal Charges for Helicopter Fireworks Stunt

In a shocking turn of events, popular YouTuber Alex Choi is now facing federal charges after his latest stunt video went viral. With close to 1 million subscribers, Choi has gained significant attention for his high-octane, car-centric videos. However, his latest endeavor may have pushed the boundaries too far, leading to serious legal repercussions.

The Viral Stunt: Fireworks from a Helicopter

In June 2023, Alex Choi orchestrated a dramatic and dangerous video titled "Crazy, Hectic Firework Show." The video features two women shooting firework cannons from a helicopter aimed at a Lamborghini below. Filmed at the El Mirage Dry Lakebed in California, a federal property, the stunt quickly drew attention for its risky and illegal nature.

On June 4, 2024, a criminal complaint and arrest warrant were filed against Choi. The charges include "causing the placement of an explosive or incendiary device on an aircraft," a severe federal offense. Although Choi was not the one directly handling the fireworks, he admitted in the video to being the mastermind behind the stunt, which prosecutors believe provides probable cause for the charges.

Investigation and Evidence

Using tire marks from the drifting Lamborghini, investigators pinpointed the video’s filming location to the federal portion of El Mirage Dry Lakebed. The criminal complaint details the sequence of events shown in the video, emphasizing the involvement of the helicopter and the hazardous nature of the stunt.

"The video is approximately 10 minutes and 45 seconds long. About the first three minutes show various dramatic action scenes. A female and male acting as police officers discuss going to find an individual who is speeding," the complaint reads.
"The female is then shown getting into a helicopter. In subsequent clips, two females are seen onboard a helicopter, while the helicopter is airborne, and the females are holding and shooting fireworks out of the helicopter onto and towards a Lamborghini sportscar."

FAA Involvement and Pilot License Revocation

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has also taken action by revoking the license of the helicopter pilot involved. The FAA cited the low altitude of the flight and the fireworks as creating a significant hazard, further complicating the legal landscape for those involved in the video.

Implications for Social Media Influencers

This incident highlights the growing trend of social media influencers engaging in risky behavior for views and followers. Just months earlier, YouTuber Gixxer Brah pled guilty to charges related to a viral video of him speeding over 150 MPH on his motorcycle. These cases underscore the potential legal consequences of prioritizing virality over safety.

Alex Choi's Silence

Since the complaint was filed, Alex Choi has not commented publicly on the charges. The situation continues to unfold, and it remains to be seen how Choi will respond to the serious allegations against him.

The case against Alex Choi serves as a stark reminder of the legal risks associated with creating extreme content for social media. As the legal proceedings advance, the outcome could have significant implications for influencers and their responsibility to adhere to safety and legal standards.

By understanding the legal implications and responsibilities associated with content creation, influencers can better navigate the balance between engaging content and adherence to the law.